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Мужчина, 48 лет, родился 20 февраля 1972

Москва, м. Белорусская, готов к переезду (США, Франция, Греция, Италия, Сингапур, Швейцария, Канада), готов к командировкам

Chief Engineer / Project Manager / Manager / Старший Механик Главный Инжинер Управляющий Девелоппер

700 000 руб.

Транспорт, логистика
  • Морские/Речные перевозки
  • Другое
  • ВЭД

Занятость: стажировка, частичная занятость, проектная работа, полная занятость

График работы: гибкий график, полный день, сменный график, вахтовый метод, удаленная работа

Опыт работы 18 лет 2 месяца

Ноябрь 2018Январь 2020
1 год 3 месяца
Project Manager
Private sector, developing of light structure building technology
Июнь 2017Октябрь 2018
1 год 5 месяцев
Chuang's Consortium International Limited / Hong Kong / Asia
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer on M/Y “LADY CANDY” – 56m, Benetti, M.E.: MTU 12V 4000 M53 x 2, 3589 hp. Employment time 2 years from 12 Jun 2017 till 29 Oct 2018. Working in remote areas of the Pacific Ocean, number of crossings between Palau, Papua New Guinea, Eastern Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. Crossing from Sorong, West Papua to Livorno, Italy and return from Italy to Seychelles. Mostly working in area of lack of spare parts supply and technical service. Working in dangerous area of Sulu sea, Sepadan Island and Gulf of Aden, pirate attack prevention. Very private diving-base boat with demanding owner. Resolving of number malfunctions and failures in the open sea as with main machinery as with auxiliary mechanisms, satellite equipment and entertainment system. Regular and number of crew safety trainings. Lloyd’s 5-year survey. 7-month ship refit period at Benetti home shipyard, overhauling of main engines, reconditioning of main sea chest and main seawater cooling manifolds, replacing of diesel generators with new ones, removing and calibration of shafts, balancing propellers and refitting of shaft seals, repairing of the shore power convertor, complete overhauling and reconditioning of all air conditioning system, dismantling its 56 fan-coils and reconditioning them, replacing all pumps of the system. Refitting of galley. Refitting of the wheelhouse with new navigation equipment and rebuilding the furniture.
Июнь 2014Октябрь 2016
2 года 5 месяцев
Carmel (Viola) Ventures / France and Monaco
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer on M/Y “LA DEA II” – 50m, Trinity, M.E. type: Caterpillar 3516 B HD x 2, 6767 hp. Employment time 2 years from 12 Jun 2014 till 25 Oct 2016. Working in the Mediterranean Sea, number of crossings between Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and Spain, very busy private and charter-non-stop luxury boat. Lloyd’s 10-year survey. 9-month engine room refit period at Spanopoulos shipyard. Overhauling the main engines, moving and aligning them, rebuilding of diesel generators and installation of the soot burning system, complete rebuilding of the air conditioning system and replacing of all 54 fan-coils with new ones, rebuilding of the passerelle, refitting of the main switch board and shore power supply, replacing a number of main pumps with new ones, reconditioning of the overboard flanges and installation of new valves, reconditioning of the stabilizer system and bow thruster, up-righting and calibration of the propeller shafts and balancing the propellers, refabricating new stern tubes and installation of new shaft seals.
Октябрь 2013Март 2014
6 месяцев
Candyandcandy / London and Monaco
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer on M/Y “SEALYON” (former Candyscape) – 62m, VSY, M.E. type: Caterpillar x 2, 5364 hp. Employment time 5 month from 22 Oct 2013 till 17 Mar 2014. Working in trans Atlantic voyages, crossings from Europe to the Caribbean and back by the end of the season. Number of crossings from the Bahamas to Saint Martin and Curacao. Temporarily 5-month relief job as a substitute for the original chief engineer who build the boat. Routine, hard maintenance, resolving of number malfunctions in busy-day-to-day work on board during non-stop charters.
Сентябрь 2010Январь 2013
2 года 5 месяцев
Imperial Yachts / Monaco
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer on M/Y “UNITY” – 52m, AMELS, M.E. type: MTU V16 2000 M70 x 2, 5632 hp. Employment time 2 years 4 month from 20 Sep 2010 till 22 Jan 2013. Working at Black and Mediterranean Sea. Busy boat at summer time to the high standard level service and loads of shipyard jobs and classification surveys in winter time at Monaco Marine shipyard in La Ciotat.
Январь 2010Март 2010
3 месяца
Monaco Marine, La Ciotat, France
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer on M/Y “St. NICOLAS” – 70m, LÜRSSEN, M.E. type: Caterpillar x 2, 3700 hp. Employment time 3 month from 10 Jan 2010 till 25 Mar 2010. Working at Monaco Marine shipyard in La Ciotat. Annual classification survey. Rebuilding of both main engines’ exhaust manifolds and its cooling system.
Апрель 2005Ноябрь 2009
4 года 8 месяцев
COGEMAD Haute-Couture Estates & Interiors / Paris, France and Monaco
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer on M/Y “LADY AIDA” – 40m, BUGARI, M.E. type: Deutz x 2, 1620 hp. Employment time 3 years, from 03 Sep 2007 till 27 Nov 2009, and from 10 Apr 2005 till 21 Sep 2005. Very private boat of famous Saudi family who where pioneers in mega yachting since 1984. Great experience!
Ноябрь 1999Январь 2005
5 лет 3 месяца
Transship management Emmen / Intersee / Scanscott / Worldwide
Chief Engineer
Other seagoing Chief Engineer positions on super yachts and cargo ships: M/Y “ELLIX TOO” – 47m, ISA, M.E. type: MTU x 2, 4736 hp. – 5 months (2006) Ellix Too M/Y “HAIDA G” – 67m, KRUPP F., M.E. type: KRUPP x 2, 1500 hp. – 3 months (2005) Haida G M/Y “LADY FIESTA” – 55m, CRN, M.E. type: Deutz x 2, 4242 hp. – 1 year (2003) Lady Fiesta M/Y “HEMILEA” – 41m, BAGLIETTO, M.E. type: MTU x 2, 4460 hp. – 7 months (2003) Hemilea S/Y “Nashira II”, M/Y “Happy Hour”, M/Y “Seaflower”, M/Y “Gemini”, M/Y “Laymar II”, M/V “MF Malta”, M/V “MF Marcon”, M/V “Scan Arctic”, M/V “Esmeralda”.

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Обо мне

CHIEF ENGINEER CLASS 1 UNLIMITED III/2 COC, MCA CEC, experience 15+ years. I am looking for the ROTATIONAL POSITION as Engineer / worldwide. At the moment I also will consider offers for temporarily job or delivery. --- I am looking for the best opportunity in my life to get the best employment as Engineer on modern Yacht on ROTATIONAL basis. My ultimate objective is to work for longer term on a bigger size Yacht, most modern and sophisticated where I will have more responsibilities and will be able to manage greater tasks achieving more productivity and efficiency, and were I will be inspiring nice working environment, will be dealing with professional crew and where I will be advancing more in my education, developing more skills and abilities which are will be benefiting to the Yacht, Company and the Owner. I have extensive experience from small works to bigger ones as to rebuild stabilizers, pull off shafts, upright and calibrate them, balancing of its propellers, aligning of the main engines and changing their mounts. Expertise in electrics, electronics, IT/AV, entertainment systems, pneumatics, hydraulics, refrigeration, air-conditioning, plumbing, welding, lathe machines, different tools including pneumatic and hydraulic ones and other fields. Knowledge of the computers’ software and hardware, Computer and entertainment network maintenance and repairs. Done plenty of planned and preventive maintenance, breakdown repairs and preparations for the Surveys by the major classification societies of all types. Proven experience in ship building and refit. I am focused, motivated and believe in power of teamwork. I consider myself a flexible individual who works well in multi-national environment. I quickly plunge into working environment and quick to learn initiatives. Free to travel worldwide, flexible and organized, responsible, creative and sociable. I do not mind to expand my career path to the shore-based job opportunities. Thank you for considering me for the job! Mobile/WhatsApp: +79118682030 E-mail: 377mc@mail.ru --- afm777


Высшее образование

Murmansk State Technical University

Знание языков


АнглийскийC2 — В совершенстве

ИтальянскийA2 — Элементарный

ФранцузскийC2 — В совершенстве

Повышение квалификации, курсы

Murmansk State Technical University
Port State Authorities, STCW'95 SOLAS Basic Safety Training
Murmansk State Technical University
Port State Authorities, STCW'95 SOLAS Advanced Fire Fighting
Murmansk State Technical University
Port State Authorities, STCW'95 SOLAS Proficency in Survival Crafts and Resque Boats
Murmansk State Technical University
Port State Authorities, STCW'95 SOLAS Medical First Aid
Murmansk State Technical University
Port State Authorities, STCW'95 SOLAS Security Awareness
Murmansk State Technical University

Гражданство, время в пути до работы

Гражданство: Россия

Разрешение на работу: Россия, Франция

Желательное время в пути до работы: Не имеет значения